• Open all day, 24x7


  • Among the most flexible

  • Fully integrated towards third party


  • Effective and transparent service

  • Time-critical service - max 4 hours

  • Large volumes of urgent shipments


  • Technical components and hardware


  • Leader in the IT and telecom sector


  • Ranked as having the highest security level


  • Main locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus


  • Ensures customer delivery and warranty agreements

In addition to thousands of pallet racking-meter, we have special areas indoors and outdoors

Independent Service Provider

we are an independent third-party provider of logistics services, specializing in after-sales, technical products and secure IT-related handling of end-customer relationship for our customers.


From multiple locations in Denmark, we can receive, store, assemble and distribute technical and valuable components for enterprises and end users in Denmark and around the world. We have a significant success in supplying primarily replacement parts for technicians and end users, an area which particularly benefits from our day service days a year. We achieve a very high quality of our services through the use of skilled employees, the integration between our, customers and suppliers of IT systems, and through a completed high security.

Special Forces

Technology and logistics meet customer service and flexibility, with loyalty and credibility


Through our origin in the transport sector we have built a strength in handling urgent matters. We are quick to deliver and we are integrated with leading courier and express companies. Our deep knowledge of technical solutions provides us with opportunities to handle technical products, prepare or program them, and offer setup and installation as part of the delivery. We can also handle the return of technical products, manage returns and warranty processes, evaluate and test them on arrival, handle repairs, discarding or recycling, monitor repair and warranty processes, and much, much more.

Our customers are very much a part of our success, and that is through a close and flexible cooperation that together we achieve the great results that both our clients and their customers notice. Our employees' knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are helping to ensure a positive customer experience.

We are proud of our customers

...and we hope that they are proud of our services

but because of the intimacy between us, we will not show references in this place.

We are also proud of our employees

It is our employees who deliver and for our customers and as each day doing their best

Our employees are all experts in their field, and we take pride in contributing regularly to train new young people through student and teacher seats. Not infrequently training ends up with a permanent job with us or our closest partners.

It is important to us that all employees thrive and provide good customer service. You will always meet high professional standards and a sincere desire to provide a good service when you meet our employees.