"Global leading suppliers give us the responsibility for their technical logistics. We deliver!"

  • Open all day, 24x7
  • Denmark's most flexible
  • Fully third party integration
  • Effective and transparent service
  • Large volume of urgent shipments
  • Time-Critical Service - max 4 hours
  • Ranked with very high security level
  • Leaders in the IT and telecom sector
  • Technical components and hardware
  • Copenhagen and Aarhus, or where you prefer
  • Ensures customer delivery and warranty agreements

Plenty of services

- 24 x 7

Kitting, assembly, configuration, test, shipment, return management, screening, repair flow, spare parts... We are experts in managing technical warehouses - round the clock!


In many ways we are a unique partner for you


We are an independent supplier of time-critical third party logistics and has extensive experience in the safe handling of all kinds of services in logistics, transport and technical services.

We have especially a large volume of time-critical express mail and is totally independent of carrier interests, we work together with leading providers in the industry to achieve the best and cheapest transport.

Our core competencies are in technical components / hardware. Since 1997 we have been the leading provider of logistics services for the IT and telecom sector, but we also serve many other customers who need our flexible services.