Online Services

Integrated Online Services

At your preferred logistics partner, we make it easy to communicate electronically. Customers can send orders electronically into our central systems and receive information when the order is shipped. There is also a web access, where orders can be initiated and followed. Furthermore, there is access to many information via reports, available, and where you can see real-time what the status is.


We have always been proud of our modern management systems that are regularly updated by our own IT department. Here we ensure that everything is received, stored and shipped to the customer's wishes and we can follow that we maintain a high quality. Our solutions can communicate with our customers 'systems, and real-time updating our customers' data.

Simple customer access

Customers can exchange data directly with our core systems


Through well-defined and standardized interfaces, customers are able to transmit orders directly to our system, and they will then be ready for immediate dispatch. Similarly, we can confirm electronically to our customers. We have several customers who want their own systems are updated within a short time, for example. 10 minutes after an order has changed status. Our customers can see if their order is ready, picked, packed and shipped.


Customer-specific and general reports

An extended report portal allows direct access to updated information about each customer status

Through a very wide selection of pre-defined reports, every customer is able to follow its own flows, goods in stock, expeditions and more. The reports provide an effective tool for customers, and for full transparency of all movements and strength of stocks. Our customers can also get customized reports based on the data available, and may be in real time obtain reports showing just the data they need.


  • Open all day, 24x7


  • Among the most flexible

  • Fully integrated towards third party


  • Effective and transparent service

  • Time-critical service - max 4 hours

  • Large volumes of urgent shipments


  • Technical components and hardware


  • Leader in the IT and telecom sector


  • Ranked as having the highest security level


  • Main locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus


  • Ensures customer delivery and warranty agreements

In addition to thousands of pallet racking-meter, we have special areas indoors and outdoors