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Wide range of

technical services

We have all kinds of technical services from the reception and storage of parts to the delivery and installation of complete systems which are assembled, customized, configured and provisioned with all agreed accessories and documentation.

Technology Suppliers expect that each link in the supply chain is able to add value to their product or a process. This means that the finished goods are customized just before they are sent to the final address and returned goods recovered and repaired, just after collection from the end user. Our strength is our ability to integrate our approach with other parts of your business, improve time-to-market and reduce costs for the customer.

Our Pre-Sales Technical Services


Assembling as per agreements

We gather the required parts and assembles them to finished products on our integrated production lines. We are also responsible for materials management, kitting, packaging, labelling, reordering, etc.


Configuration and customization

We manage and implement the configuration of hardware and / or software localization and adaptation of generic products to national requirements before shipping to customers.



We pack set of spare parts kits on integrated kitting lines, including materials management, labelling, registration, packaging and delivery. Kits may also be other collections of components.


Roll-out, delivery and setup

We are responsible for the configuration, distribution, installation and management of return of customers' equipment, and disposal of the packaging and any shredding / deletion and destruction. Delivery wherever you want and at the agreed time (24x7 - including evenings and weekends). The whole process is supported by a complete program management service.

Our After Sales Technical Services


Testing and recovery

We make electronic functional testing of equipment, modules and finished goods at various stages of the supply chain, integrated with recovery of rejected goods back to its original condition. We also offer cleaning and preparation of an overall refurbishing process.


Returns Management with RMA and repair management

We have completely integrated reverse logistics and management of repair of defective parts, screening, Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) test, depot repair and Return-to-Vendor (RTV) handling. We follow any repair or Track and ensures that deadlines are met. Compliance with journey times are a part of this monitoring.

Our Reverse Logistic Services


Complete management of returned goods

A customer might for example have the following services: Receiving error report and requesting RMA for repair, Collection of defective unit, Receiving faulty device and control of the error report, sending to repair and possible replacement, status monitoring with carrier and with repairer, Approval of repair cost of repair, Weekly report status, monitoring of repair, Monitoring of warranty periods, control and registration of the repaired unit, Delivery to the end customer.


  • Open all day, 24x7


  • Among the most flexible

  • Fully integrated towards third party


  • Effective and transparent service

  • Time-critical service - max 4 hours

  • Large volumes of urgent shipments


  • Technical components and hardware


  • Leader in the IT and telecom sector


  • Ranked as having the highest security level


  • Main locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus


  • Ensures customer delivery and warranty agreements

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