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Get professional storage and warehousing with your preferred partner in technical logistics


Our warehouse is centrally located in Copenhagen where we are classified to the highest security level. For example, all walls fireproof.

We also have warehouse in Aarhus. We can also offer secured, day-operated warehouses elsewhere in the country, if our customers want it.

As warehouse we perform example: Receives goods, parcels, packages of control, record, receive orders, pick and transmitter performs technical courier service etc.

Leading on urgent matters

With time critical service to many customers, we focus on quick service, deliveries with many different courier services and service 24 hours all year round


One must be at the forefront when specializing in technical solutions delivery of critical spare parts, handling of business critical equipment of many customers and close cooperation with our customers' mobile technicians. We are not only a leader in this field, but is regularly recognised by our customers for our quality and dedication.

Security in focus

Your preferred logistic partner offers warehousing facilities in security group 20, 30 and 40. In addition, we offer particularly high protection against fire, theft security and video surveillance.


Insurance companies in Denmark have adopted common guidelines and specifications for security requirements. This is indicative minimum requirements that divides the products into categories with six associated security levels. Security level is determined by the type of goods and the value concentration hereof. We meet the requirements for the groups 20, 30 and 40, corresponding to the security of the vast majority of technical items.

You can store the most part, with the exception of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, cultured pearls (deposits and rimless) and jewellery, as well as items where these materials are included, pocket and wristwatches with a unit value above 1,000 kr., and tobacco products of more than 85,000 kr.

All the walls in our warehouses are fireproof, like a very large number of cameras are monitoring the area around the clock.


  • Open all day, 24x7


  • Among the most flexible

  • Fully integrated towards third party


  • Effective and transparent service

  • Time-critical service - max 4 hours

  • Large volumes of urgent shipments


  • Technical components and hardware


  • Leader in the IT and telecom sector


  • Ranked as having the highest security level


  • Main locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus


  • Ensures customer delivery and warranty agreements

In addition to thousands of pallet racking-meter, we have special areas indoors and outdoors